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World Map Canvas Art

With a world map as a canvas picture, you have a real piece of high-quality handmade work. Lana KK® uses exclusively the high-quality Fine Art Print for the production of the canvas picture world map, which makes it possible to produce particularly brilliant colors. In addition to UV resistance, the print has a particularly high contrast and maximum color gamut.

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Canvas pictures world map meets the highest standards

The world map on canvas is made by hand manufacturing in the Ore Mountains. The most modern printing technologies and traditional craftsmanship are combined. The fine art print quality captivates by the use of coulors with optical brilliance and a maximum color gamut. Due to the particularly high UV resistance lovers can enjoy a lifetime on the art world map.

The world map on canvas is available in different designs. In addition to the retro look, modern color options can be ordered. Depending on the color composition, the print can be adjusted according to your own preferences. In addition, the museum design gives the artwork a particularly valuable impression. The fine structure of the cotton-covered frame creates a special spatial effect that captivates the beholder.

Canvas print: World map made in Ore Mountains manufactory

No matter where the canvas picture world map is located, its face always gives the room a special atmosphere. The symbiosis of traditional craftsmanship and state-of-the-art printing creates a work of art of a special kind. The canvas paintings as a world map are given not least the soft-wood frame, which ensures high stability and strength. The fluently clean processing of the motif also allows the use of multi-part images in the form of individual elements. Viewed in their entirety, they give the viewer an even more powerful image impression.

The Lana KK® Design world maps are handcrafted in true manufacture. In the foreground of these unique world maps is the modern and subtle abstract design designed artistic design. As a mural, which is available in many sophisticated, coordinated color combinations, these world maps add value to any office or living room.
Many countries, cities, islands, oceans and seas are named on our world maps. As an absolute highlight, we have developed the additional option with cork. By means of a thin cork back wall drawn in between stretcher frame and canvas, a fine canvas picture becomes at the same time a pin board, which makes it possible to mark holiday destinations with flags and pins.
This beautiful Lana KK® Design World Map has been designed to suit globetrotters and business.

World map: stretcher crafted by hand

With a world map in the stretcher you get a real piece of manual work home. Manufactured in the ore mountains factory, the stretcher bars of the world map have a particularly high stability and strength. The high-quality softwood for the world map stretcher is available for the museum as well as for the standard version. The picture is carefully stretched on the frame, folded over and fastened on the back. As a result, ugly white edges are prevented and the subject can unfold fluently on the canvas with no tension bends.

Stretcher covered world map in high quality order online

The pure white canvas of the world map stretcher as well as the high-quality high-tech print create a total work of art of a special kind. Thus, the world map shines in vivid colors and a particularly high contrast. The fine structure of the cotton fabric creates a realistic spatial effect that does not let go of the viewer's gaze. No matter in which room the artwork is applied, the world map on canvas creates a special kind of atmosphere thanks to its high-quality workmanship. Last but not least, the sublime appearance of the world map in the stretcher frame is strengthened by the handcrafted production.

The world map in a stretcher frame meets the highest demands

The world map as a pin board allows particularly demanding globetrotters and travel enthusiasts an individual adaptation. This model has a thin layer of cork on the back, which makes it possible to pin down small notes or beloved holiday memories. Whether as a retro motif or in the modern Frozen look, at LanaKK there is the world map on stretcher frames in many different color combinations.

For explorers: The world map as a canvas picture

The world map on canvas conveys style and taste for high-quality art. Both in standard and in the museum version, the Weltkarten canvasses consist of a selected blend of the finest cotton quality. The noble effect of the world map on canvas unfolds above all through the clean clamping properties without edge breakage. Vibrant colors and a high whiteness give the XXL world map on canvas the necessary finish for a noble look. Whether in the office or in the living room, the high-quality world maps on canvas lend each room an impressive atmosphere.

Customize high-quality canvas world map

The impressive world maps on canvas by LanaKK can be provided on request with a thin cork back wall. This allows a world map to be customized as a pin board. Already visited places in the world or those who are still touring in the future, can be provided with flags or personal memories. The rear wall prevents tilting and provides the necessary support. Together with the harmoniously coordinated coloring of the motif, this creates a unique eye-catcher in your own four walls.

World map canvas awakens a thirst for adventure

The canvas world maps produced in ore mountains manufactory work convince by their outstanding print quality. Available in the museum version, the world maps impress art prints mainly by their scratch-resistant coating. Moistely wipeable and B1 certified fire protection, they draw the viewer immediately into its spell because of the noble appearance. Vivid colors and bright contrasts give the world maps on canvas the noble face of a work of art as in a museum piece. Lightfast pigments and UV-true colors give the viewer the feeling of value, as it belongs to manufactory quality. The exclusive wall decoration as a world map is the ideal supplement for globetrotters and people with wanderlust. Once installed at home, not only are the looks on the imposing canvas picture of the world map. Thoughts wander in old memories of impressive places or the idea of the next adventure.

World map as a canvas print in brilliant print quality

With a world map in the canvas picture one possesses a genuine piece of high-quality handicraft. LanaKK uses exclusively the high-quality Fine Art Print for the production of the canvas picture world map, which makes it possible to produce particularly brilliant colors. Last but not least, the canvas prints as a map of the world are given a stretcher frame made of softwood, which ensures high strength and stability.

Canvas prints of a world map in real wood

With a world map on stretcher you set the right accents at home. With the canvas world maps of LanaKK in high-quality canvas print one can comfortably travel the world - simply unpack, hang up and finished! The world map on canvas is the perfect overview for those who love traveling and have a sense of aesthetics.