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World map stretcher

With a world map in a stretcher you get a real piece of manual work home. Manufactured in the Ore Mountains factory, the stretcher bars of the world map have a particularly high stability and strength. The high-quality softwood for the world map stretcher is available for the museum as well as for the standard version. The picture is carefully stretched on the frame, folded over and fastened on the back. As a result, ugly white edges are prevented and the subject can unfold fluently without tension on the canvas./p>

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Stretcher covered world map in high quality order online

The pure white canvas of the world map stretcher as well as the high-quality high-tech print create a total work of art of a special kind. Thus, the world map shines in vivid colors and a particularly high contrast. The fine structure of the cotton fabric creates a realistic spatial effect that does not let go of the viewer's gaze. No matter in which room the artwork is applied, the world map on canvas creates a special kind of atmosphere thanks to its high-quality workmanship. Last but not least, the sublime appearance of the world map in the stretcher frame is strengthened by the handcrafted production.

The world map in a stretcher frame meets the highest demands

The world map as a pin board allows particularly demanding globetrotters and travel enthusiasts an individual adaptation. This model has a thin layer of cork on the back, which makes it possible to pin down small notes or beloved holiday memories. Whether as a retro motif or in the modern Frozen look, at LanaKK there is the world map on stretcher frames in many different color combinations.