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Wall decoration children's room

The children's room is not only a place where people play, but also sleep, learn and enjoy their own realm. In addition to great childrens' bedroom furniture, lovingly selected deco items and wall decorations bring the space to life and inspire creativity. These impressions support the development of the little ones.

Almost all the kids love wall decoration in cheerful colors. The Lana KK® children's room collection is diverse: From canvas prints, wallpapers, posters to door murals and wall tattoos or furniture stickers. Especially great are the wall tattoos in sticker form. Since these are easy to install, the little ones can help. Decorating the wall will be fun for all ages. It is important that the child feels empowered in his very own and individual taste.

For older children, who already have their own personal preferences, wallpapers with motifs from nature are in great demand - like animals or rainbows and waterfalls. Wall tattoos and furniture stickers with fairy tale characters like unicorns or dragons are just as popular as abstract shapes.

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