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The magical disguise: wall decals & furniture stickers in one

Unique wall tattoos, furniture stickers and door posters in one. The Lana KK® wall tattoos / furniture stickers transform walls, furniture and room doors into works of art, dream worlds or longing places. Creative, imaginative, dimensionally stable and in bright, beautiful colors, the walls, furniture and passageways are redesigned in an instant. Live out your individuality freely.

"All-rounder" premium fabric

Our wall tattoos, furniture stickers and door posters consist of a dimensionally stable, self-adhesive polyester fabric with a slightly satined surface. It was specially designed for the decorative bonding of walls, furniture and doors. The material is easy to apply on smooth and slightly textured surfaces, repositionable and removable without residue. The special adhesive used makes attaching very easy and prevents the formation of air bubbles guaranteed. The wall tattoo is effortlessly smoothed out on the dry surface.
Incidentally, the water-based, environmentally friendly adhesive can be removed completely without residue if required. Thanks to premium fabrics, the wall tattoos / furniture stickers are also ideal for dark surfaces. The black back covers high-contrast surfaces perfectly.

The M1 certification also allows for use at trade shows and in public areas. The material is resistant to temperature and humidity fluctuations and is suitable for long-term indoor use and short-term outdoor use.

Color spectrum for the discerning

The door posters of Lana KK® are manufactured for you on specialized printing presses in our Art-Manufactory in the ore mountains. Our high quality, vibrant pigment colors are resistant to light and water. We achieve a sensational color spectrum and filigree shades of gray with a brilliant, realistic depiction of the most diverse motifs.

Tips on the surface texture

Our wall tattoos love all smooth surfaces such as glass, wood, tiles, furniture and doors, as well as slightly textured walls such as smooth plaster or woodchip wallpaper. To achieve an optimal gluing result, your wall should be free of dirt, dust and grease. Freshly wallpapered or painted walls should be allowed to dry for a few days.

Comfortable use

Easy to install without extra instructions
easy to release out of the bow and without annoying transfer foil to attach
easy to apply on smooth and slightly textured surfaces
repeatedly repositionable and residue-free removal

Comfortable use

High quality, dimensionally stable polyester fabric
Wall color not translucent
Slightly satin finished surface for a unique character
Precision cut, freestanding without disturbing white edges
Brilliant, smudge-proof and lightfast colors

Wall tattoos for children's rooms

The children's room is not just a place to play. Here is also slept, learned and just enjoyed peace in their own empire. It goes without saying that the feel-good factor must therefore be given completely. In addition to great nursery furniture, carefully chosen deco items bring the space to life and inspire creativity. The offers are varied: a lamp for the children's room in a playful design, a curtain with a matching pattern, murals that meet the taste of the child, wallpaper that bring color to the walls ... It is important that the child in feels empowered by its very own and individual taste. Colorful wall stickers for kids room.
Of course our stickers are available in different colors. The great motifs decorate walls, furniture and doors and make the room shine. Wall decals are a great gift idea for birth, as well as birthday and school enrollment. But at Christmas wall stickers are also wonderful to conjure a smile in children's eyes with a beautiful motif in a unique color brilliance.

Motive diversity

The living room is located directly on the lake; in the children's room, the younger inhabitants are welcomed by the Little Prince; from the kitchen you enter a flowery garden; in the bathroom you roam the jungle; and in the bedroom the Neverland is waiting for you? All this and much more is possible: At Lana KK®, you can choose between different motifs - or, of course, have your individual ideas exclusively produced by us.


- water-based, environmentally friendly adhesive
- use of decomposed paints, free of chemicals and pollutants
- Sleeping and children's room suitable