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Decorative splash guard for the kitchen

Whether large or small kitchen: Here is life. It should be comfortable, but also able to withstand a lot. Therefore special requirements are made for art in the kitchen. Kitchen splashbacks and decorative splashbacks by Lana KK® make it easy to be both practical and artistic. Our unique glass pictures are beautiful jewels for all who want to lovingly design and stylishly enhance their kitchen

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Among the designs are first-class food photographs as well as flower motifs or abstract forms. Whether large or small kitchen, kitchen or kitchenette - our glass pictures look stunningly good and are at the same time wonderfully insensitive and stable.

All premium glass paintings by Lana KK® for use as a kitchen back wall or splash guard are produced in fine art print quality in the desired dimensions in our ART manufactory. For a pleasant feel-good climate in the heart of your home we use only ecological pigment colors. For many years, you will enjoy the luminous splendor as much as on the first day.

For the radiantly beautiful kitchen

Not only the high-quality print, but also the perfectly polished genuine glass ensures that you will experience a brilliant and intense play of colors. As in every room, the light conditions also play an important role in a kitchen-diner. No matter how your lighting is designed here: our glass pictures will make a contribution to give your core piece the appropriate radiance. We only use real float glass. This reinforces the already radiant colors. Even in dark or very small kitchens, our glass pictures make an important contribution to the optical brightening.

Aesthetic and durable at the same time

Cooking haze and temperature fluctuations are part of the kitchen climate. If you do not want to do without an artful room design, then glass paintings for splash guard and kitchen back wall are guaranteed to be the right choice. Our glass pictures are very easy to care for and stable. They can simply be wiped off. As they are made of 6 mm thick safety glass, they are also stable, scratch and water resistant. Perfect and clear, they bring out our beautiful photorealistic or abstract prints very big. Used as a kitchen back wall, they can be easily sealed and waterproofed.

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