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The most beautiful references

Design with passion, quality with conviction..
Do you have individual color requests? Would you like special motifs, material and embellishments? Or do you need formats that you will not find anywhere? Then we would like to support you in implementing your own ideas. Lana KK® is the ART manufacturer of interior design, which places great emphasis on uniqueness and craftsmanship. And when our images and designs stimulate your creativity, we are all the more pleased. Then we look for the right solution and find completely new ways for you. Because every picture is produced individually in our manufactory, this is always possible.
Our graphics, manufacturing and service teams are excited about new challenges. We are curious about your ideas.

Source: customer photo from Aue

A design map for Saxony

Individual production
Implementation according to customer requirements

The perfect design for a marketers office: a beautiful contract that fits Lana KK®. Our graphics team has implemented the wishes of the customer with great pleasure. Her vision was a bright Saxony-Landarte with copper elements. For the realization we worked with metallic gloss effects and silver accents. And the goal was achieved: The individually produced canvas picture is a real highlight in the modern brokerage office.

"Looks perfect, thank you," was also the customer feedback.

This creates individual motifs
No matter if you have specific ideas or just vague ideas: We are looking for motives that really suit you. For this, you can supply us with photos, desired colors, rough descriptions or analogies. Then, step by step, we develop motifs and designs, work out color spectra, giving you an idea of how the result will harmonize with existing or planned facilities.

Find out more about the individual production at Lana KK®.

Source: customer photo - tower room on the left

Source: customer photo - kitchen

Source: customers photo - Tower room on the left

Living in a fairytale castle - wallpaper concept for a whole house

Individual production
Made to measure for new construction of the customer

Come home and not just feel good, but how to be bedded on roses? Surrounded by a decoration that spoils sensual all year round? Our customer Stefan K. wanted a house that also radiates a refined atmosphere inside and has a unique, inimitable interior. He has fulfilled his dream with Lana KK®.

When choosing the high-quality wallpaper, he chose the motif "Bed of Roses". Lana KK® offers it in different shades, with the subtle tones of "sepia" and "black and white" radiating a timeless elegance. Those who surround themselves so generously with the Queen of Flowers, always means to perceive the smell of velvety petals.

Stefan K. wanted more, wanted something special. Therefore, an exciting time with complex activities began for all participants. The assignment was a challenge to our creativity, to individual craftsmanship and to keeping a tight schedule on the part of the client. For the furnishing of all rooms, including the stairwell, he sent us bullet points with his personal ideas as well as plans with the exact dimensions that were implemented electronically by us. These were only special sizes and therefore a typical Lana KK®
Individual production..

- Guest bathroom, Bed of Roses SW,
- Kitchen, Bed of Roses Sepia
- Tower, Bed of Roses Sepia, with almost 8.5 x3 m
- Staircase, Bed of Roses SW with 10 lanes

The biggest challenge was the staircase, because it was not a rectangular wall, but a parallelogram with step edges on one side. By the way, we have adjusted the size of the rose petals in the whole house to the respective room size and surroundings, so that optimal proportions could be created and no room seemed overcrowded.

The object, which was soon christened the "fairytale castle" by the Lana KK® team, was completed in time for the entire family to move in and the photos of the lucky owner testify to the successful result.

Source: Customer photo from Freiburg

New view of the world - wall design for the office

Customer feedback - Office picture
Source: Mirja Stöcker (text-macht.de)

"Quality is the lever - of which I am convinced as a marketing service provider. And that is precisely the reason why Lana KK® is such a convincing partner for companies in the interior design. And that's why I like to work with Lana KK® on different levels. As a customer, I can rely on perfect service, binding professionalism and a unique product quality. As a partner I appreciate the common constructive thinking, the unconditional will for the creative solution of challenges and the pleasant human in the cooperation.

But to be more specific, spending so much time in his office makes it easy to get a good view of the walls. And I am completely satisfied with my new outlook on the world. Knowing that colors and material quality are designed to last that way for a long time is a beautiful coronation. Many thanks to Kathleen Kolibius-König and Team! "

Classics of the Lana KK® range: the stylish world map noble gray with cork back wall.

Source: Photo - Anteroom to the offices at Lana KK®

Wall decoration in corporate design for companies

pilot project
Visualization of the Lana KK® corporate mission statement

Creating a very special environment for guests, customers and employees is only possible with very special designs that suit the company. With motifs and artistic interpretations that do not exist elsewhere. That is why we create individual wall designs, completely new motifs or develop existing motifs. There are no limits to the ideas and possibilities. We can put all wishes into action or develop completely new concepts.

We create individual motif designs for all types of wall design: design wallpapers, high quality canvas pictures or stylish glass pictures. Of course, we develop all wall designs also matching existing furnishing concepts and existing furniture.

Request directly by e-mail: Visualization of the corporate mission statement

Quelle: customer photo

Classic city panorama becomes a modern design image

Customer feedback - individual production
Source: Robert Paul

"The picture hangs in my office room on a large wall and fills the room very nicely. My colleagues, but also customers are always enthusiastic about the picture, because it looks very modern and you have never seen it like this before. I also recommended your site to colleagues from other offices, as they were also looking for special pictures for their office.

At that time, I was looking for a picture that is something special, but also related to my office and my environment. Unfortunately, nothing was found except a few wall tattoos, but they did not look really nice. To other big cities like Cologne, Berlin, Munich, Hamburg etc. you will find tons of pictures. But smaller cities then have a problem. Also, it was not possible for other manufacturers of the images to create something individually. And after some research, I found your company with a very friendly service and great designers who created the image to my liking and delivered a great quality. With you the price-performance ratio was simply top. Here, a classic city panorama has been implemented in a very modern way, so that it simply fits into the present time and enriches and embellishes my office. "

The "Cuckoo's Nest" - impressive ceiling wallpaper for a restaurant


A classic old Austrian tavern with high ceilings has reinvented itself in St. Pölten. In the Cuckoo's Nest, wood and traditional Austrian cuisine meet modern graffiti art - perfectly staged in high-quality prints by Lana KK®. "The vision for this project is the design of a ceiling with dynamic motifs in rich colors," the customer told us. Said and done: the artwork was photographed with high resolution to create a layout for the wallpaper printing 58 wallpapers with lengths of over We then produced 6 meters in our ART-Manufactory for this demanding interior design in Lower Austria, with a perfect fit and bright colors.The design wallpaper was actually installed on the ceiling for a change, not on the walls Pictures probably best show!

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