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Think ecologically - act sustainably

Quality and sustainability belong together for Lana KK®. We produce so high quality that you can use our products for a long time and intensively. Together, we preserve nature and consciously manage its valuable resources.

Lana KK® is also uncompromising in terms of quality and sustainability, if that means more work for us: For example, we take apart hand-drawn back canvas pictures in order to reuse the high-quality, natural materials.

Why do we do that? Because we are open and respectful - towards each individual, towards society and the environment.

Conscious purchase

All Lana KK® products, including their individual components, are almost exclusively "Made in Germany". The cardboard for shipping and the glass for production come directly from our region. The wood comes from sustainable European forestry. The cotton canvas is made within the EU. Our purchase only includes unbleached cardboard packaging, which we reuse in case of returns. For the transport we use Euro rather than one-way pallets.

Clean production

In our ART factory in the Or mountains, we combine manual work with state-of-the-art machine technology in order to produce clean. From the design of the motivs through the printing to the assembly and packaging, we produce everything under one roof. We use ecological, water-based and fully degradable colors. Thus, we produce without chemical vapors and also need no power-consuming filter systems and extraction systems.


And if it comes to returns? In that case, we actually take time to carefully disassemble and reuse the individual components. Return images are freed from the staple needles, the frame is readjusted and the wedges pulled out. If possible, the high quality wooden frame is reused. Collect and dispose of the staple needles. Cardboard boxes are checked for damage and, if possible, reused or used for large deliveries of pallets and outer packaging.

High service level

The sophisticated ordering process with a high level of service is also the result of Lana KK®'s conviction that one should consciously opt for a natural product. Our goal is that you enjoy it for a long time. Therefore, we invest a lot of effort into detailed product descriptions as well as high-resolution and color-accurate images. Our personal expert advice as well as the possibility of sample orders offer customers an attractive alternative to multiple orders, which are becoming increasingly common in online shops.

Information about the sample service
Information about individual production

Sustainable products in detail

Stretcher is made of high quality sustainable European softwood.
Canvas is always a fine cotton canvas at Lana KK®.
Wallpaper consists of breathable nonwoven fabric and is free of PVC and plasticizers. This is also confirmed by the "STANDARD 100" certificate of the EKO-TEX® Association.
Glass is 100% recyclable and better than plastic. Glass paintings by Lana KK® are therefore also real glass paintings, whose clear advantage consists of a long and radiant life. We purchase the glass directly from a glassworks in our region, thus ensuring a short and direct supply chain.
Posters are printed exclusively from FSC certified photo paper.
We use cork for our world map boards only from sustainably harvested cork oaks, without the entire tree is felled. Only 25-year-old trees are harvested and can then regenerate nine to twelve years.
Packaging material always consists of unbleached cardboard boxes, which have short transport distances behind them.
Lana KK® prints on the one hand with ecological, water-based and completely degradable colors. The second technology used is inks that are GREENGUARD Gold Certified (GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certification).

Packaging in detail

Packaging material always consists of unbleached cardboard boxes, which have short transport distances behind them.
Among other things, less waste is created by collecting the empty containers of the colors and returning them to the manufacturer for refilling.
The boxes are sealed with paper tape, for a clean waste separation and less plastic waste.

Donations to the environment

Lana KK® is a member of the WWF donation.

Since June 2014 we support monthly the Stubentiger action of the WWF. Its goal is to double the highly minimized tiger population by 2022.

Since November 2016 we also support monthly the campaign Save Seelos of the WWF. Selous is located in the south of Tanzania and since 1982 UNESCO World Heritage Site. Elephants, giraffes, lions, leopards, hippos, black rhinos and many other species have their home here, but it is massively threatened.Save Seelos

In addition to the project donations, we also make an annual donation. The sum increases with our company profit.

We achieved

  • Save paper by sending all invoices and returns by e-mail
  • We save transport distances by minimizing the returns rate to an average of less than 3 percent.
  • Shop regionally to keep delivery routes as low as possible.
  • Development of long-lasting and timeless motives, which allows a long-term use of our products.
  • Sustainable materials with environmentally friendly production.
  • Careful recycling means less waste.
  • Low power consumption through modern, energy-saving machines and innovative technologies.

And we still want ...

  • further reduce plastic consumption in shipping by using nonwoven covers as an alternative to PVC protective covers.
  • use less paper by digitizing all the work and optimally networking our departments.
  • make our electricity consumption even more environmentally friendly by focusing on further technical innovations and selecting a clean energy supplier.
  • further optimizations in shipping: our goal is to further reduce the consumption of plastic in shipping.
  • further process optimization and process deviations that lead to shorter work paths and processes. This is good for electricity and raw material consumption.