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You wake up one morning and your tween is, all of a sudden, a teen. Maries’s or Max’ bedroom just doesn’t work for a teen—any teen much less a cool teen, which your Marie or Max certainly is. And you wouldn’t want it any other way.

Don’t let the redecorating project become a source of conflict. A teen’s room is a retreat, a place to study, hang out with friends as well as sleep. Marie or Max will have opinions and wish lists. Think of yourself as an interior decorator and your teen as your client. Lead Marie away from an “out there” choice that she will regret. Explain to Max why another choice will work better. The one thing an interior decorator would never do is “pull rank.” And neither will you. Make this a memorable bonding experience.

We have some ideas here that will let you get the jump on “cool” and surprise your teen with just how “lit” you are!


It would not be a real bedroom redo without a new bed. You might want to purchase one that can go off to college or a first apartment (‘cause those times are going to come sooner than you think also), but it doesn’t have to be the decidedly uncool “ordinary.”


A daybed is as practical as it is trendy. It doubles as a sofa when Max and his friends are just “hanging.” Many have built-in drawers to store sheets, blankets, pillows—or anything else. Maybe a place where Marie can tuck away those childhood stuffed animals. Best of all, there are so many choices in size, style, materials and price that you will find one you both love.

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Loft Bed

Picture a bunk bed without the lower bunk. Loft beds are tremendous space savers and, if you want, can be used to separate a room into two areas. The space underneath can be whatever Max wants: a study area, a hang-out, storage, a cozy place to watch TV or read. A slim desk, a chair and a light will be a study. Beanbag chairs in jellybean colors, big pillows, a thick throw rug make it a great place for Marie and/or her friends to “chill.”

Vertical Study Area

A vertically designed study area looks really neat and is another space saver. A do-it-yourself work/study surface or a narrow sofa table provides enough space to write on or use a computer. Above the surface, hang a dry erase board, bulletin board, or colorful chalk board so Max can keep track of his schedule, important reminders, or simply jot down his thoughts. Above and around the board, create multi-tiers of wall-mounted shelves for supplies and some decorative items.


We found some types of lighting that should excite any teen.

Clip Lights

As the name suggests, these gooseneck lights clip right onto the desk/work surface. They are flexible enough to turn in any direction where light is needed. They come in attractive colors and shiny metals.

String Lights

These lights can be strung along a wall or across the room or draped around mirrors and the like. They give a note of whimsy to the room and provide a soft warm glow. The lights come in globes that are covered with colorful woven fabric and origami-inspired paper spheres.

Floor Lamp

There are countless floor lamps that are cool and stylish. Check out a 5-head model that has 5 flexible gooseneck arms rising up from the shiny metal pole. It’s sleek and ultra-modern with a futuristic vibe. Each arm can turn in any direction and a switch will turn on two to five lights.


We’ve already mentioned some storage options: in the daybed, under the loft bed, shelves in the study area. Here are a few more:

  • • Floating shelves that can be used on other walls.
  • • Storage benches or ottomans that can double as seating for friends.
  • • Baskets make attractive hideaways and are very decorative
  • • A closet system with shelves. There seems to be something about teens and hanging up their clothes.
    If there were shelves and they could put their folded clothes on them, it’s possible that the clothes would be out of sight rather than strewn around the room.

The bedroom can reflect who your teen is while allowing for the tremendous growth that the teen years bring. And best of all, the two of you have grown closer through the collaboration.

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