Motif name: Wild Wolf

Interior Design

Interior designers learn to use the Golden Ratio as part of their education. Others of us, the lay people, use it instinctively. For example, bring home a new sofa. Place it where you planned. But wait! There’s something not quite right about it there. So you move it this way and that, until the placement pleases you. The odds are that it now is expressing the Golden Ratio, which we can “dumb down” for these purposes to 2:3. The sofa will be 2:3 of the wall or the seating area. Add a cocktail table that is 2:3 of the length of the couch, and you’ve got it.

You can also use the 60:30:10 rule for furnishing a room. About 60% of the room will be taken up with furniture, windows, and other major focal points. This allows room for movement and open space. About 30% of the room will be in light, neutral colors to allow the focal points to get the most attention, and 10% is used for accents, e.g., bright-colored throw pillows or artifacts,

Or use it for your color scheme. A dominant color will cover about 60% of the room, usually on the walls and floors. (Make sure you love it!) The secondary color will take up 30% of the room, usually with furniture. Bold, bright colors, the finishing touch, the 10%, will be provided with smaller décor items.

Motif name: Marmor Rubin
Motif name: Glamour

Graphic Design

Picture the Pepsi and Twitter logos.

When the Golden Ratio is used in graphic design, it tends to produce organic and natural looking composition. We can use the spiral design we see in seashells or hurricanes to determine placement. Our eyes are naturally drawn to the center of the spiral and, once there, it looks for details, so a design should be at the center of the spiral with items of interested within the spiral.

Position the most important element on one of the intersecting lines of the Ratio for a pleasing composition, whether page layouts, web mock-ups or posters.

The Golden Ratio can be used to determine text hierarchies. For example, the body text size is 10. Multiply by 1.618 and you have 16.18, so the heading text size is 16. If you have a title size 24, divide by 1.618, which comes to 14.83. Round down or up to 14 or 15. That’s better than going through various sizes until you find what feels right. Takes care of time-consuming trial and error, and you can be more confident in your choices of text sizes.

There’s an App for That

Yes, there really is. If there is any question if the Golden Ratio has any relevance in our high-tech world or any validity, there’s an app for it! In fact, there are many of them. You’ll have to decide for yourself which will work best for you.

Only as an example, there is Goldie App for artists and graphic designers to quickly reference, calculate or check the Golden Ratio. It also calculates the Golden Ratio proportions from any ratio point, so you can produce elegant compositions mathematically and create the perfect typography.

There are also software programs, such as PhiMatrix. Choose from the dozens of templates and create your own designs based on what we naturally perceive to be beautiful and harmonious. And with no math needed.

Motif name: Coco

„PhiBar helps you choose your colors per the Golden Ratio by matching colors that are 1.618 away from each other on the spectrum. These are visually engaging and dynamic combinations.