You have already added the photo wallpaper to the cart. Anticipation spreads in you and the idea of how great everything will look when the renovation is completed. But you must not forget a step and that wallpapering. But do not worry, you can do it! Which accessories you need and what it serves, we explain here. Maybe you have some home already. Nevertheless, it is helpful to have a small checklist in front of you so that you do not falter when renovating.

Motif name: Simpel

The glue

Without him it is not possible - the glue. Since the photo wallpaper by Lana KK® are printed on non-woven wallpaper, you should also use adhesive for non-woven wallpaper. So you can attach the wallpaper wonderfully easy with wall adhesive technique. For mixing the glue you should get yourself a bucket or another vessel and a stick to stir. There are also special attachments for drills which will help you to stir. Some glue producers even offer buckets with a printed scale. This makes it easier for you to mix with the right ratio of water to glue. It is important that the glue reaches a smooth consistency without lumps. If you have any leftover glue, you can often keep it covered up to 14 days and use it later. Maybe you have another project? If you are getting too much effort, you can of course also buy ready-made wallpaper glue. But no matter for which variant you decide, always read exactly the usage instructions of the manufacturer.

Glue brush

Glue brushes are available in different versions. It serves, as the name implies, to paint the glue on the wall. It is important that the bristles are nice and mobile and they hold the glue well. In addition, the bristles should be tight and not loose. The handle should be good in the hand, because the wallpapering will occupy you depending on the wallpaper size for some time. After the renovation, it is sufficient to clean the bristles with clear, warm water and then let the brush dry.

Old newspapers / Covers

Before you start wallpapering, you should cover everything that could possibly come in contact with glue and should not. You can use old newspapers or buy special films that prevent this.

Ruler, spirit level and pencil

Even if you have ordered your wallpaper to measure, it may be due to not quite straight walls that you have to make a few corrections to the length. Likewise, any outlets or windows may need to be considered. Measure everything out exactly and transfer important measurements with the pencil. The spirit level can not only help you glue everything straight, but can also be used as an edge to draw straight lines.

Motif name: Stonewall No2

Cutter knife or wallpaper scissors?

With both tools you can cut the wallpaper. With the cutter and a cutting ruler you can achieve exactly straight cuts. Even filigree cuts are easy for the craft knife. With the pair of scissors it is helpful to record everything exactly, if you do not have a good sense of proportion. But both are important - they have to be sharp!

Wallpaper tear ruler

The tear-off ruler is used for exact and clean edges. It is particularly helpful in door and window frames. Simply apply and tear off the wallpaper or cut along the edge with a craft knife.

Trestle table

It is not absolutely necessary, but it makes your work easier. For one thing, you do not risk your wallpaper being exposed to soiling on the floor. On the other hand, a comfortable working height is good for your back and you can make a wonderful mark. If you do not want to buy your own, you can borrow one or work your table after the refurbishment for celebrations of food and drink.

Wallpaper brush

Not to be confused with the glue brush! The wallpaper brush serves to brush the freshly applied wallpaper smoothly and firmly against the wall. This is particularly gentle on the wallpaper and achieves a perfect result. The wallpaper brush should not come into contact with glue in order to avoid stains on the wallpaper surface.

Wallpaper pressing spatula

Similar to the wallpaper brush, the wallpaper sanding filler is used to smooth the wallpaper. Since it is a little smaller, it is wonderful for repairing small irregularities.

Seam roller

The seams between two wallpaper sheets often tend to gape apart. With the seam roller you drive carefully again over this area to prevent the peeling off of the wallpaper.

Clean rag

If you have applied too much glue once and these swell out, then you can moisten a clean cloth a bit and thus remove all excess. Please be careful and do not rub too hard to damage the print.

You are missing one or the other wallpapering accessories? No problem - you can also find most important accessories in the Lana KK® Shop.