We have news!

Since photo wallpapers are a wonderful thing to give living rooms a very special atmosphere, we have improved our ordering options for you. From now on you can use our editor. With this practical tool, you can enter your desired size and choose the perfect neckline for you.

This is how the editor works

To the right of the preview you first enter the required size, width x height, in cm. Now the selection frame changes in the preview according to your specifications. At the same time the price for the entered format is generated.

Within the preview you can move the area as you like. Your mouse cursor changes to the shape of a cross when you place it in the selection area. Hold down the left mouse button and move the frame to the position that suits you.

If you move the mouse into one of the corners of the selection, the mouse cursor changes into an arrow. Hold down the left mouse button and drag on a corner. So you can zoom in or out. For example, you can adjust the size of patterned wallpaper to your taste.

Example for different image sections

You get a filigree pattern, if you pull your selection frame as big as possible.

You will get quieter patterns if you reduce the selection frame and thus fewer repetitions can be seen.

If you are unsure if the pattern in the selected size matches your decor, request a sample from us. So you can play it safe and convince you additionally of the wallpaper quality and the bright colors.

More functions

If you want, then you can mirror the image with one click or convert it to black and white. On the right there are the checkboxes "In Graustufen umwandeln" and "Bild spiegeln".

Of course you can also choose your preferred structure here:

  • - classic smooth surface
  • - noble stucco structure
  • - natural canvas texture

And how does it continue?

If you are satisfied with your settings, then you can complete the order via the button "shopping cart". Your wallpaper will be divided by order in 70cm wide tracks. With this we want to make the installation as comfortable as possible for you and achieve a low number of impacts. In addition, we produce your wallpaper circulating around 2 cm larger, to make it easier for papering even with not exactly straight walls.

You have desires that can not be implemented with the editor?

No problem - via our contact form you can tell us your ideas and we will help you with the implementation.