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The most beautiful glass pictures for the living room

For most of us, the living room is the center of life par excellence. Here it needs something special, here we not only want to work, but feel completely comfortable. The unique glass paintings by Lana KK® are the perfect jewel for those who want to personalize and enhance their favorite place.

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The premium images are produced in fine art print quality in our own ART manufactory. For a pleasant living climate in the heart of your four walls, we use only natural pigment colors that will give you so much pleasure for many years as on the first day. But there are even more reasons why a Lana KK® glass picture will be the perfect creative centerpiece of your living room ...

Almost like lighting in the living room

The high-quality colors of our pictures shine brilliantly and intensively under the precisely ground real glass. In general, the light conditions in the living room play an important role. In addition to the classic living room lights, our glass paintings also contribute to lightening and brightening rooms. Because the float glass used by us amplifies the already radiant colors again and scores in all lighting conditions. In darker living rooms, they are thus a special bright spot. They visually brighten and can expand the perceived room size.

Aesthetic center less than decoration

Murals made of glass enrich cozy sofa corners as well as the wall behind the dining table or over a lowboard. Depending on the placement, a glass picture by Lana KK® turns an aesthetically radiant furnishing center into a harmonious whole with very different living styles. Comfortable and beautiful is not enough for us. Our premium Wohnbijous not only present unique motives and artistic creations. The special free-floating construction also creates a fascinating depth effect. Perfect and clear, they bring out our beautiful photorealistic or abstract prints very big.

Glass pictures as part of your concept of color

Glass pictures can also be ideally integrated into existing color concepts. We have a wide selection of color worlds that complement your main colors perfectly and really set in scene. For example, if the wall of your living room itself has a strong base color, a glass picture of Lana KK® still radiates wonderfully thanks to the opaque barrier layer on the back of the picture.

Genuine glass for the living room

In addition to the artistic aspect, durability and longevity are also important. Wherever lively and intensely lived, it is of course all the better, even if a work of art endures something. After all, nowhere do we spend as much time as in the living room. Glass pictures are also unbeatable in this respect, because they are extremely insensitive: The 4 mm thick glass is very stable, scratch and waterproof. In contrast to acrylic and Plexiglas glass retains its original shape in any room climate permanently. Posters or wallprints is a glass picture in terms of life therefore qualitatively and quantitatively far superior. And of course it is also very hygienic because it is easy and quick to clean.

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