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Retro style the perfect decoration

The retro style is stunningly chic and changeable that it has been a trend for quite some time and probably will stay that way. Our canvas pictures in retro look stand for the best design ideas of yesteryear, without being old-fashioned. They offer endless possibilities to freely improvise in your own home on a versatile design keyboard. It does not matter if you live in a small city apartment or a spacious house in the countryside. It does not matter if you want to make your apartment, apartment or office special.

Historically charming: that's the retro style

Whether it's about furniture, decoration, pictures or fashion - the retro style is based on the color and design language of the 1950s and 60s. Swinging and organic shapes are typical retro style. Likewise pastel colors, natural shades or a noble creamy white, which can sometimes be perfectly combined with a bright basic color. The rebirth of this historic design is by no means just a nostalgic yearning. In fact, the designers of the then typical molded wood furniture from the kidney table to the leather cocktail chair understood how to combine form and function. Read more about retro style

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In contrast to vintage furniture, all retro-style objects are clear that they are not really old, but modern interpretations of a historical design language. And that makes it possible for all design-savvy people to experiment with retro style in their own four walls. First, because it does not have to be expensive. And second, because he lives from creative combinations and contrasts.

Everything retro? Retro style thrives on combinations and contrasts

Even individual objects in retro style can be combined excitingly with contemporary design. And depending on the arrangement, the historical charm and sometimes the modernity can be emphasized. After all, retro style is not about copying a historical style one-to-one, but picking up and reinterpreting style elements. This is exactly where the infinite possibilities at home grow: Retro style makes it possible for you to be your own creative interior designer.
Obtaining a piece of furniture in retro style is of course a wonderful thing. But because retro furniture is really only convincing in high-quality solid wood, this is also about bigger editions. In addition, retro-style tables and seating are often unique items that need a lot of space to really stand out and showcase all their charm. The situation is different with pictures and deco in a retro look. And we at LanaKK® have found something to support and inspire, even if you have a penchant for retro chic.

Retro wall design

What if there was room on your wall for the perfect retro-style addition? Then you could quickly bring the trendy retro look into your own four walls:
Whether as a small, subtle accent or impressive, stylish eye-catcher in our large formats - the heart of the Lana KK® canvas image collection in retro style are the noble world maps. No wonder: in terms of color and design, our world maps have a stunningly historic charm. The coquetting with a wear look and patina look succeeds thanks to an innovative printing technique and makes each piece so unique. But the creative home of our abstract retro canvas paintings is also clearly recognizable: Curved shapes, color contrasts and the motifs of vintage, shabby chic and industrial design.

Our canvas prints: retro design, modern quality

The wonderful thing about the retro style is that the charm of the old is still available in the most modern, highest quality. All canvas prints by Lana KK® in retro style are printed in perfect color blend and with durable quality colors on real cotton canvas. They are stretched by hand on a sturdy stretcher. The consists of high-quality real wood, which comes only from sustainable forestry or European cultivation. Everything is perfectly crafted and full of attention to detail. The pictures can be retensioned and simply attached to the wall.

Lana KK® deco ideas with canvas images

Retro style for office and workplace
Of course, world maps and other retro-style maps are popular in workrooms and offices. They provide a concentrated and upscale atmosphere. They match wood and leather, contrast with modern office interiors and radiate a serene cosmopolitanism. This fits into meeting rooms, executive rooms and entrées.

Retro style in living area and bedroom

Whether city apartment or country cottage: A canvas image in retro style brings this wonderful touch of nostalgia in the living room and sleeping areas. This way, a noble and personal ambience can be created in every apartment. If you like, you can also experiment with the background colors of your walls. A pastel-colored background brings out quite a few retro pictures in a completely different way. This way, your canvas picture can accompany you for a long time and also enrich different rooms again and again.

Retro style for festive occasions, in restaurants or hotels

Because retro look has such a festive look, retro canvas prints can also be used to decorate festive occasions, such as weddings, birthday parties, or christenings. An upscale restaurant ambience or even romantic hotel rooms are perfectly enriched by the LanaKK® retro canvas prints.

Your own personal canvas picture in retro style?

That too is possible. If you have motives and images in mind that you would like to realize in retro style on canvas, we provide for your unique customization. Just send us photos, templates or your own descriptions. If our motives inspire you, we can also implement them in individual color wishes. You can follow our creative process. If everything is right for you, we will produce your retro image individually and by hand.

LanaKK® Style Guide:

A retro-style LanaKK® canvas image will go with you if you ...
- love curved shapes
- like dreamy and romantic style elements
- like to have historical chic
- want to set antique accents
- looking upscale style elements
- want to combine old and new