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Perfect harmony indoors: Feng Shui

Living in harmony with yourself and your surroundings: The Chinese harmony theory Feng Shui is also making more and more people consciously and harmoniously in their living and living spaces. This requires not only the right arrangement of furniture and furnishings, but also a special wall design. ...

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Balanced and full of life: that's what Feng-Shui is all about

Feng Shui literally means "wind and water" and comes from China. It aims to harmonize humans with their environment. Feng Shui is always about positively influencing, harmonizing and, of course, multiplying the life energy - also called "qi". Because only that leads to health, well-being and success. Central components in Feng Shui are the five elements: earth, metal, water, wood and fire. At all these levels, life energy needs to be analyzed and balanced. The goal is that it can flow optimally, especially in our living rooms, where we spend so much time.

In the classical Feng Shui, the harmonization of life energy already begins with the so-called landscape school: Here it is about optimally positioning one's own living space in the environment. Hardly anyone is able to do that today and especially in our western world. Therefore, for pragmatic reasons, most people begin to align their facility with Feng Shui. Whether your furniture is stylistically modern, retro or Mediterranean, it does not matter. You can always integrate Feng Shui into your home with everything you have.

Feng Shui in your own home

We from Lana KK® have dealt intensively with Feng Shui. Its classical teachings are in many ways very reduced and by no means geared towards as much decoration or accessories as possible. Restraint and simplicity are actually the foundations of a harmonious living style according to the Chinese doctrine. But there are exceptions to the rule: In classical Feng Shui landscape paintings are often used to harmonize and design interiors. And that's exactly what Lana KK® did with our canvas images. The Lana KK® Feng Shui canvas collection has become an ideal tool for harmonizing rooms.

Feng Shui wall decoration

There is still a lot of white wall in your apartment? That's good. Basically, according to Feng Shui, the center of a room should be emphasized. Wall decoration is then in the sense of Feng Shui, if it is carefully selected and picks up the five elements of earth, metal, water, wood and fire. So carefully selected canvas images on your walls are ideal.

By the way, landscapes are typical Feng Shui motifs. Water paintings, soft colors, soft shapes and also like metal ornaments make your rooms a place where you can perfectly relax and rest.

Canvas prints: inspired by the Far East, interpreted in a modern way

Feng Shui collection by Lana KK® includes a wide range of motifs, you are able to combine with your interior and your personal style of living, if you value a harmonious interior design. All Lana KK® Feng Shui style canvas pictures are printed in perfect color and with durable quality colors on real cotton canvas. They are stretched by hand on a valent stretcher. The consists of high-quality real wood, which comes exclusively from sustainable forestry or European cultivation. Everything is artfully harmonious and full of appreciation for the natural elements. Thanks to the clamping wedges attached to them, the pictures can easily be retensioned and easily attached to the wall.

Lana KK® deco ideas with canvas images

Feng Shui in the bedroom
A lot of our lifetime is spent in the bedroom. How we sleep there determines how much energy we can refuel here. If you have aligned your bed according to the Feng Shui doctrine, a calm canvas image in the typical Feng Shui colors optimally complements the spatial structure. A feeling of security and well-being will surround you during the night's rest. Incidentally, all canvas prints by Lana KK® are printed exclusively with ecological quality paints, which will also have a positive effect on sleep quality.

Feng Shui in the living area
A selected canvas picture in the living area optimally complements your interior according to the harmony theory Feng Shui. It is important to place the image so that the center of the room can still radiate peace and strength.

Feng Shui for office and workplace
It also depends on what hangs above the desk or in meeting rooms on the wall for a harmonious working atmosphere. Motifs that focus on the essentials are especially recommended here. Above all, bright colors such as yellow provide energy and creativity. Purple increases concentration.

Your own personal Feng Shui canvas picture?

Have you already discovered which Feng Shui motif radiates the most peace and strength for you personally? At Lana KK®, you can also order individual Feng Shui-style canvas prints. If you have motives and images in mind, we provide for your unique customization. Just send us photos, templates or your own descriptions. If our motifs inspire you, we can also implement them in individual color wishes. Especially metal ornaments are optimally suited in Feng Shui style to individualize their canvas image. You can follow our creative process all the time. If everything is right for you, we will produce your Feng Shui image individually and by hand.

LanaKK® Style Guide:

A Feng Shui canvas image by LanaKK® ensures harmonious living and working:
- Do not overload your walls, but set exclusive accents with Feng Shui canvas images
- Use different light sources to harmoniously illuminate your living space. Also your canvas picture will then develop even more radiance.
- Let yourself be guided by the color scheme or motif to choose the right canvas picture for you. In any case, Lana KK® offers you the necessary customization options so that the life energy in your rooms can flow freely.