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Bright Color Wonder: Canvas Art by Lana KK®

A single image has the power to transform entire spaces: on only an authentic cotton canvas, the unique motivs of Lana KK® appear particularly lively and powerful. Lightfast pigments, sharp contrasts and brilliant fine art print quality create a sensational play of color and light. The solid natural wood frame and the careful processing by hand guarantee good clamping properties and longevity.

Originally designed

Our pictures are as unique as you are. Half of all canvas motivs are therefore completely photographed or designed by us. The other half includes in our think tank created, own edits and graphic developments of selected photographs and graphics. The motives that Lana KK® gives are therefore only available to us!

Luxury Edition

Natural cotton blended fabric 370 g / m² with a silky glossy surface
Especially resistant to touch and abrasion and even wipeable with water
Massive real wood stretcher frame in 4 cm thickness, which due to its enormous depth effect especially
is representative

Premium Version

Natural cotton blended fabric 320 g / m²
Solid real wood stretcher in 2 cm thickness

Best Lana KK® color management

The canvas prints of Lana KK® are exclusively printed in our art-manufactory in the Erzgebirge and stretched on stretcher frames. We specialize in state-of-the-art printing technology, which achieves the highest optical brilliance and photorealistic quality with natural pigment inks. The color scale is extremely extensive, the gray balance filigree and the result indoors up to 75 years UV-resistant. Even metal tones, metallic effects, surfaces with pearlescent or crystal ornaments achieve brilliant results.

Imposing depth effect of the luxury line

You can achieve even more depth and a silky glossy surface if you opt for the luxury version. Here the depth of the stretcher is 4 cm, which gives the picture a strong, impressive face. An even higher quality canvas also makes the surface less sensitive to touch, abrasion or scratches. Thanks to a coordinated printing process, the canvas images of the luxury line can even be carefully wiped damp.

With material, which makes optics

The exclusive cotton blended fabric of all canvas prints is the perfect base for our high-quality pigment ink and allows for an outstanding brilliant color result and a fascinating spatial depth. The fabric is waterproof and counteracts the edge break of the colors. Because only true screen compensates for temperature differences and can even be easily re-tensioned. For this purpose, we at Lana KK® already use the clamping wedges for you by hand in the solid wooden frame. Made of 100% European softwood, which is extremely stable despite its lightness. From sizes bigger than 100 x 70 cm, he will also be provided with a support cross.

Option world maps: canvas with cork back wall

On request, our world maps on canvas are provided with a thin cork back wall. As on a pin board, you can then mark holiday or longing places with pin or flag. However, to keep the canvas flexible and intact, we recommend gently attaching and removing pins and needles. Because it is and remains a high quality canvas surface with real cotton blended fabric.

Easy to install

All canvas prints will be delivered with a comfortable wall mount and suspension material. Of course, the suspension remains invisible.

Sustainable canvas pictures

Canvas is always a fine cotton canvas at Lana KK®. The stretcher frames are made of high quality certified European softwood. All canvas prints are printed with ecological, water-based and fully degradable colors. For our world map boards, we use cork from sustainably harvested cork oaks, which will have enough time to regenerate after harvesting.