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Kitchen Glass Wall Art

Art in the kitchen? Absolutely! Glass paintings by Lana KK® are unique, yet durable and insensitive as you would expect for the kitchen. Finally, kitchen walls can be artfully designed and enhanced. No matter what your kitchen is designed for, glass paintings look good in large and small kitchens and are also very durable and sturdy. Cookery and changing temperatures can not harm them ...

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All glass paintings by Lana KK® are 100% premium products. They are produced in fine art print quality in our ART manufactory. For a pleasant living environment in your kitchen, we use only premium biological pigment colors. So you can be sure to enjoy this luminous splendor for a long time.

For art and color in the kitchen

The high-quality print and the perfectly polished genuine glass ensure that you will experience a brilliant and intense play of colors. The float glass enhances the already radiant colors. Even in dark or very small kitchens, our glass pictures make an important contribution to the optical brightening. Glass pictures can also be ideally integrated into existing color concepts. No matter what material your kitchen is made of and what color scheme it moves in, we have a wide selection of color combinations and shades that will complement or even accentuate your main colors perfectly. If, for example, the kitchen walls are painted with a strong base color, our glass picture still radiates wonderfully, because it is closed on the back with an opaque layer.

Aesthetic and durable at the same time

Whether above the kitchen table or near the hearth - our glass pictures are an aesthetically radiant furnishing center, but also very easy-care and stable. They can simply be wiped off. Because they are made of 4 mm float glass or 6 mm thick safety glass, they are also stable, scratch and waterproof. Cooking fumes and temperature fluctuations can not harm them, making them far superior to posters or wallprints. But the practical character of Lana KK® is not enough for your kitchen. Our premium glass pictures consist of unique motifs and own artistic and graphic creations. Due to the special free-floating construction, they create a fascinating depth effect on the wall. Perfect and clear, they bring out our beautiful photorealistic or abstract prints very big.

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