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The high-quality glass pictures of Lana KK® are an absolute eye-catcher in your home furnishings. The frameless photo print is presented behind the best and most brilliant real glass, resulting in a modern high-gloss effect. Thanks to its innovative suspension, it also looks as if it floats freely on the wall.

Order colorful glass picture online at Lana KK®

Every glass picture you can buy at Lana KK impresses with its particularly bright colors and its sensational depth. Each print is done in the best quality and with high quality inks. This results in the image depth so characteristic of the glass images and perfect detail sharpness.

In addition, all glass images are provided with an opaque barrier layer on the back. Thus, they are completely opaque. If you should attach the pictures with glass to a colored wall, this does not shine through, but the printing inks show up in full splendor.

Glass pictures with many different designs available

Whether you are looking for glass pictures for the kitchen or glass pictures for the living room, with Lana KK® you are exactly right. We offer you motives for the most different moods and ideas. For example, if you want to hang glass pictures in the bathroom, a relaxing landscape or calming floral motif is certainly a good choice. Here you will find timeless still life as well as glass pictures with inspiring abstract patterns and shapes.

Also with the colors you have a large selection. Would you like a glass picture that consists mainly of green and blue elements to match your interior? Or would you prefer calming purple for your bedroom? In any case, you are in the right place here.

Elegant pictures: glass pictures in the best quality

In fact the images are protected behind glass, they are scratch- and splash-resistant. They are mounted behind four-millimeter thick and polished safety glass, which gives the luminous motifs an extra shine.

Each glass picture by Lana KK® is protected by high quality and pure real glass. Best quality handmade in Germany. Get the modern and elegant high-gloss effect in your own four walls with the glass paintings by Lana KK®.

Desired image? Make glass pictures to measure

The special about a picture with glass front is not only its timeless shiny look, its the floating suspension, too. The glass pictures are mounted to the wall by means of an invisible suspension, which makes them seem´s to float almost on the wall.

By default, there are the glass pictures in the dimensions 60 x 40 cm or 120 x cm to buy. You can also get in touch with Lana KK® and have a glass picture made according to your wishes. The glass pictures are generally custom made to 200 cm possible.

Special design, that not only means that we make the glass pictures in different sizes for you, you also have the possibility to get your own motives and newly designed pictures. You can always rely on the perfect workmanship and the best quality from Lana KK®.