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Door Murals

Imagine, looking at the door, you would not notice the next room, but a tree-lined lake. That will not do? But with a high-quality door poster from Lana KK®, you can redefine the design of your doors. Be inspired by bright and brilliant colors and give your home a whole new style.

Lana KK® offers a huge selection of unique door posters.

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Order door stickers in brilliant print quality from Lana KK®

Door posters by Lana KK® are produced in high quality for you. We work with high-quality colors that guarantee a brilliant print result. The bright colors are resistant to light and water and remain radiant for so long. A professional color management leads to a natural, realistic representation of motifs in color and metal tones, but also to high-quality door posters in black and white.

Self-adhesive door poster from German brand foil

We print our door images on a self-adhesive, matt PVC film, which is coated with a special adhesive. As a result, the attachment of the door poster is kept as simple as possible. The door picture can simply be smoothed out on the ground without any air bubbles remaining. The water-based, environmentally friendly adhesive can be removed without leaving any residue if necessary.

Door posters by Lana KK® are also ideal for dark surfaces and can be easily wiped off with their matt surface. When manufacturing, we pay attention to the highest quality standards in terms of materials and workmanship. Lana KK® door posters are a product of real ore mountains manufacture work and 100 percent Made in Germany.

Buy door pictures in various formats from Lana KK®

Door stickers give every room an individual feel-good atmosphere. In the standard version, we deliver our door posters in the format 86 x 198.5 cm.

Beautify your home with a high-quality door poster by Lana KK® and rely on our high service standards and our quality promise.