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Original canvas prints - the exquisite kind of wall design

If you're looking for an artful way to make your living space more creative, a canvas painting is the perfect choice. The finest craftsmanship, expressive image elements and a lively play of colors combine to form a wall accessory of the new dimension. This results in unusual, unique pieces that have a painting look and can hardly be distinguished from painted or photographed works of art. Canvas paintings are characterized by many positive features. For one, they are intense in color and make every subject look realistic, on the other hand, there is no reflection. Additionally, a canvas image is UV resistant, resistant to humidity, temperature and long-lasting. Fading or quality reductions therefore remain. The materials also demonstrate excellence and give the art object the necessary stability. In addition, we round off the advantages of canvas design with further quality promises in our art manufacture Lana KK and offer you uncompromising art that meets the highest demands.

Pictures on canvas by Lana KK® - multifaceted art objects for every style

Our guiding principle is not to offer you only canvas prints that are first-class in terms of craftsmanship. For us, art is the main focus instead. No matter if for a major project in the field of gastronomy or private customers: At Lana KK®, you will only receive selected design templates, which were photographed by us in-house or graphically optimized. You can find pictures on canvases in different styles such as animal motifs, abstract art and landscapes, which ensure authenticity in every room. If you would like to incorporate your own ideas, we can also realize a canvas painting individual production.

At the same time our collection includes various formats and colors such as canvas prints in green, canvas prints in red or elegant black and white canvas prints. You want a canvas picture that consists of several parts and should hang over your sofa? Then we have just the right object for those interested in panoramic screens and small models that can be effortlessly integrated into narrow floorboards. For a touch of extravagance, there is also a metallic series in which the canvas print is placed on a surface with nacreous coating.

To underline this variety, you can also choose between two qualities at Lana KK®. While our premium features promise you a canvas image made from sturdy 320g / m² cotton blended fabric with a 2 cm diameter solid wood frame, the luxury version shines with a fabric strength of 370 g / m² and a solid wood frame of a proud 4 cm circumference. This results in an incomparable depth effect. To ensure that you get a work of art that shines through extraordinary screen technology, all pictures are produced by Lana KK® with qualified work processes.

Your advantages with us
  • Free shipping within Germany
  • 100 days return policy
  • Print quality at fineart level
  • Individual productions and customization possible
  • Use of quality materials
  • Own and unique designs
  • Canvas pictures incl. Suspension material
  • Water and scratch resistant material
  • Ecological colors and frame
Lana KK Leinwandbilder

Experienced canvas print- Precision work as basis of high-quality picture representations

Our art manufactory in the picturesque ore mountains makes each canvas painting by hand, to offer you a sophisticated unique piece. We also rely on the most advanced printing techniques and deliver a "Fine Art Print" that produces high-resolution, detail-accurate results. Our color management ensures you a color palette that covers a wide range, lightfast, finest pigments shows and even imaginative ideas based on metallic accents realized in perfect form. Of course, all colors of our range are purely ecological and guarantee a UV resistance of up to 75 years.

In addition to this, we only use the best European softwood for our canvas prints, which gives the frame more resilience and ensure the highest level of resilience, which makes possible a possible re-tensioning. An edge break, however, can not occur. The canvas fabric is made of exquisite cotton and is therefore water-repellent and scratch-resistant. The goal is to meet your requirements for a canvas print through this state-of-the-art working method and the sustainable materials. At the same time we want to express our own philosophy and create individual works of art with character. Building on this, you can also rely on Lana KK® on courteous terms.

Competent specialist service - reliable partner for the purchase of a canvas picture

At Lana KK® we attach great importance to customer satisfaction, which confirms our award by "eKomi". Therefore, you can look forward to a free shipping within Germany and a money-back guarantee of 100 days. In addition, all images on canvas are safely and size-packed packed so that they reach their destination without prejudice. This is complemented by our expert advice, which helps you with problems or supports you in the development of photographic ideas. After all, you should feel in our shop to be able to rely on a reputable, professional and conscientious dealer. With the following suggestions regarding canvas images, we would also like to give you a first overview of how to correctly present your new works of art and maintain their quality in the long term.

Tips about canvas pictures

Canvas prints are durable decorative elements insofar as they are treated properly. Especially if you have no experience in dealing with these works of art, but one or the other question could occur here. Here at Lana KK® we have put together a small selection of FAQs to help you keep the beauty of your canvas for a long time.

1. How to securely attach pictures to screens?

At Lana KK® you will receive the right mounting materials for every canvas picture. On top of that, we provide you with an understandable guide for wall mounting. Pay attention to the height, because the picture should not be placed too high. As a guideline, it is best to consider both the location where it will hang and the height of the room and your perspective. The art object works best when the center of the image is at eye level.

2. How can canvas paintings be cleaned?

A picture on canvas does not require intensive care. A regular dusting of the frame and canvas with a dry cloth is enough. In the event that your work still has some traces, it would be advisable to use a damp cloth and gently wipe the image with it. Our canvas prints are of outstanding quality and will not be damaged by such editing. However, sharp cleaning agents, dampness, excessive rubbing or rough sponges as cleaning utensils are unsuitable. Furthermore, it makes sense to expose the screens to any direct sunlight.

3. Which canvas picture is suitable for which room?

For images to appear correctly on screens, you should always consider the prevailing style of furnishing. As a result, illustrations of food in the kitchen turn out to be fitting, while cheerful motifs enrich the nursery. Photographs on canvases once again display personality in a purist living room, state-of-the-art furniture designs harmonize well with futuristic canvas prints and exclusive painting replicas accentuate an antique interior design. Even retro spaces are given an expressive flair by means of vintage images, and those who prefer clean lines supplement their spatial concept with simple skylines. Ideally, when making your canvas order, try not only to integrate your art direction, but also to integrate the room colors in which the finished image should be brought to bear. This always creates a harmonious atmosphere.

4. How are images re-drawn on canvas?

If the tautness of the canvas prints over time and light waves appear on the surface of the canvas, you can re-stretch your artwork. This is achieved by means of wedges, which are fastened behind the screen in the grooves located there. Then gradually tighten them gradually until your picture is smooth again.

Keile zum Nachspannen der Leinwandbilder

In the event that you have any further questions about the screen technology, our service is happy to advise you. In this way, you will give your rooms a stylish recognition value through canvas art by Lana KK®, which combines artistic taste with individuality and aesthetics.