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Using Amazon Payments

As an additional payment method we offer our customers the possibility to pay conveniently via your Amazon account. You will need to submit any payment information to us but pay through Amazon. For more information about Amazon Payments page. Please note: You must enter the payment service Amazon Payments unlock once in your Amazon account.

1. Shopping basket

select your product

If you have placed all desired products to your shopping cart and conveniently choose to pay Amazon account via your click on the Amazon pay button.

2. Login to you Amazon account

Der Warenkorb

By clicking Amazon pay a new window opens. You will see a sceure login form for your  Amazon account.

3. Adressbook and delivery

Geben Sie Ihre Adressdaten ein und wählen Sie Versand- und Zahlunsart

You will now be asked to select one of your delivery adresses from your adress book. You will see all delivery adresses you have saved in your Amazon account. After that you can select one of the available shipping options.

Wählen Sie Ihre Lieferadresse und Versandart

4. Select your payment method

Wählen Sie Ihre Zahlungsmethode

You will be shown all payment methods you have saved in your Amazon account. Please select your preferred payment method. The shown payment methods will not be forwarded to us. Amazon process the payment to us after the payment is done.

5. Finish your order

Bestellung abschließen

Your will be shown a summary of your order. After confirming your order you are done