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Real works of art. Made with love.

All pictures by Lana KK® are in-house creations. Under direction of Kathleen Kolibius-König (artist and owner), the graphics team of Lana KK® designs abstract art, motiv design and photographs. The art of Lana KK® captures unforgettable moments with an undisguised and loving look. And develop it further to unique photorealistic or even abstract compositions. This is how real art is created. Picture by picture and print by print.

Art sketches by Lana KK®

Let art emerge with Lana KK®

We make canvas pictures. But thanks to our strong artistic vision, we do much more than that at the same time. We use our own creative freedom to share it with our customers. We make real art and turn it into unique prints that enrich every environment as well as an original. All the photographs in our portfolio are unique. Our pictures and graphic designs developed from animal motives were painted and designed in an intensive creative process. Kathleen Kolibius-König finds inspiration in traveling, in nature or in everyday life. In aesthetically demanding implementations spontaneous impressions and ideas become timelessly beautiful and always soothing emotional works.

Perfection for the home

Our customers want their homes to harmoniously fit together in the end. And we want that too. Everyone should feel good. Every moment is a pleasure. That's why Lana KK® designs and produces flawless canvas prints, glass paintings, and designer wallpapers that fit perfectly in a room. Our pictures want to be the icing on the cake. And as special and unique as the people who choose them. Our central ideas are the timelessness and emotional significance of the artwork. Very different people can enjoy our designs. And for a long time.

Kathleen Kolibius-König on photo travel in Dubai 2017

Create something nice every day. Have fun every day. To inspire someone every day.

„Art is there for humans. So if we are all about aesthetic motifs, fascinating colors and innovative design, then it's because we want to inspire people.

For me, every image has to have the ability to please its environment. And again and again. And always different. No matter where I am - I am always looking for timeless motifs and new color-form combinations. Or innovative materials and more sustainable processes. Sometimes the ideas are on the doorstep. Sometimes I travel a lot, very far for that.

The effort is always worthwhile. For the happy smile on the face of our customers. For the tangible balance of work and fun in the team. And for the soothing, continuous development of our entire company.

Today, Lana KK® images cover a broad spectrum: from high-quality canvas images to glass images and design wallpaper. The motifs range from breathtaking nature photography to artistic designs. They all capture great emotions and follow my inspiration. " “

Owner Kathleen Kolibius-König

The Lana KK® ART Manufactory

All of this happens in our upscale manufactory, where every picture is designed, first-class printed and made for you to the last touch. With ecological colors, on soft cotton canvas and with a solid real wood stretcher. Or with brilliant real glass. Each picture we do as we would for ourselves: With a lot of love - for the big picture as well as for the detail.

Precision and a keen human eye play a major role in meeting our high quality standards. The use of real wood requires the most accurate measurements and manual controls. The high quality glass is carefully checked and also constantly cleaned during production in order to detect the slightest bumps or damage in good time. And our design wallpapers require exactly the right amount of processing, so that everything fits together perfectly in the end.

We combine this craft with a perfect printed image. Pixel perfect and crisp.

Detail photo from the Lana KK® glass picture production
Detail photo from the Lana KK® canvas production

Sustainable products

Quality and sustainability belong together for us. We want to preserve nature, consciously use natural resources and consume as little raw materials as possible. Our products are therefore designed for a long and intensive use. High-quality, natural materials make this possible.

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